aluminum wardrobe with painting

1.Product Descriptions:China supplier ship interior furniture aluminum wardrobe marine aluminum double door wardrobe for marine accommodation aluminum wardrobe with painting

2.Product Pictures:

aluminum wardrobe

3.Products  Features:

Aluminum furniture use wood grain aluminum profile or honeycomb to make furniture, this aluminum is 6063 aerospace grade aluminum alloy.aluminum furniture has natural texture, lightest weight,but very strong structure without deformation. Aluminum wood furniture is absolutely eco-friendly, water proof,fire proof, recycled.

4.aluminum furniture material and surface treatment:

1).base aluminum extrusion/aluminum honeycomb+PVC film
2).base aluminum extrusion/aluminum honeycomb+wood veneer
3).base aluminum extrusion/aluminum honeycomb+wood grain transfer film
4).base aluminum extrusion/aluminum honeycomb+painting
5).aluminum honeycomb+fireproof panel

1).marine accommodation:aluminum furniture with light weight can meet marine Lightweight requirements
2).offshore accommodation:water proof,moisture proof, suitable for sea environment
3).bathroom, kitchen, balcony and cellar:water proof,moisture proof,suitable for moist place

6.Primary Competitive Advantage:
1).design value added
2).user engagement and logo acceptable
3).magnificent appearance and durability
4).quality control system
5).prompt delivery control
6).strong structure and flat packing to reduce transport cost
7).easy assembly

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